Energy monitoring

In times of increasing energy prices, tracking and optimizing energy consumption is highly important. Discover our comprehensive energy monitoring solutions.

The All-in-one solution to monitor and optimize your energy consumption

With the EcoPhi solutions for energy monitoring, you have a great all-in-one tool which you can use for short and long-term energy monitoring. The various features enable you to analyze your energy consumption and reduce your energy bill.

Track individual loads

Track distributed loads easily

What makes us different?

Software and hardware

Our comprehensive system provides both the necessary hardware and the associated software to ensure a complete solution for monitoring your energy flows.

Flexible tracking of loads

Individual loads can be connected either via current transformers or directly via a plug connection. This simplifies installation and increases flexibility.

Short and long-term monitoring

A versatile monitoring system designed for both short-term (e.g. energy audits) and long-term monitoring, providing accurate real-time data and comprehensive historical analysis.

Wireless communication

Communication on site is wireless via LoRa. This enables communication over long distances with uncomplicated installation and no annoying wiring.

Up to 50 measuring points

Comprehensive and detailed monitoring of energy consumption and production across a wide range of locations and individual loads.


Our system ensures the highest security standards through advanced encryption technologies and multi-layered security protocols for secure and reliable performance monitoring.

Extensive features for effective energy monitoring

Our platform offers a variety of features that are crucial for effective monitoring of energy flows and provides users with valuable insights to efficiently record and optimize energy consumption and production.

Detailed consumption analyses

In-depth analyses that make it possible to track consumption over different time periods (hour, day, month, year) and identify trends.

Alarms and notifications

Adjustable alarms that are activated when defined thresholds are exceeded or unusual patterns occur to ensure immediate attention.

Customizable reports

Creation of customizable reports that meet specific user requirements and can be adapted for different stakeholders.

User-friendly dashboard

An intuitive dashboard that provides a clear and understandable visualization of data and enables quick access to important information.

External data integration

Integrate additional data either automatically or manually (e.g. meter readings or production data).

API and data exports

Benefit from our own API and the extensive data export options that enable simple integration and efficient data analysis.

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