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Optimize On-Site Energy Control and Simplify Asset Management of your Renewable Energy Systems

PV monitoring and control

Find out how EcoPhi helps companies to monitor and control solar assets worldwide with our all-in-one software and hardware approach

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The flexible solution for monitoring and controlling small and large solar systems

Discover EcoPhi’s outstanding solar monitoring solution: Our advanced system provides you with a seamless, user-friendly platform that allows you to monitor and optimize the performance of your photovoltaic plants in real time. Increase your energy efficiency and ensure the reliability of your system with EcoPhi – your partner for smart solar energy solutions.

What makes us different?

Software and hardware

Existing data can be integrated without the need of additional hardware devices. Wherever needed, our hardware guarantees robust, reliable measurements and data transmission for seamless integration. Our edge devices are also the enabler for smart control on site to optimize your systems.

High flexibility

Our solutions are characterized by extremely high flexibility, both in terms of hardware on site and software. Benefit from scalable, adaptable systems that grow with your company.

Manufacturer independence

Our manufacturer-independent monitoring offers flexible monitoring and control of different solar systems on one central platform. Optimize your energy efficiency with our universal solution.

Regular updates

Your own or regulatory requirements may change over the system lifetime. We regularly update the installed hardware systems over-the-air to ensure the latest functions and maximum security. Stay one step ahead and be prepared for any changes.


Our whitelabeling service allows you to offer our monitoring platform under your own brand and name. Increase your brand presence and customer retention with a fully customized, reliable solution.


Our platform supports the integration of various components such as different inverters, batteries, sensors or controllable loads to ensure efficient and harmonious energy management. Use the full capacity of your solar system through optimized interconnection.

Extensive features for monitoring and controlling solar systems

Our platform offers versatile features for monitoring and controlling solar systems, allowing you to analyze and optimize performance and efficiency in detail. With real-time data analysis, comprehensive reporting capabilities and customizable alarms, we ensure that you have maximum control over your solar systems. These tools not only support proactive maintenance, but also precise energy management to optimize operations and increase profitability.


Maximize your solar return and enhance communication with our advanced reporting: clear, precise and in real time.


Receive instant alerts and stay informed of any anomalies in your solar system - for maximum operational reliability and performance.

AI analysis

Use our AI-powered analytics to identify patterns, make predictions and maximize your solar energy efficiency.

Connection of external data

Use the flexible connection of external data via API to record and optimize your systems even without hardware.


Experience clear, consistent visualizations of your energy data that present complex information in a simple and understandable way.

API and data exports

Benefit from our own API and the extensive data export options that enable simple integration and efficient data analysis.

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