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Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions for Solar, Water and Agriculture
Discover how your projects can also benefit from smart monitoring solutions.

About EcoPhi

We specialize in all-in-one monitoring and control solutions for solar, water and agriculture. We have developed high-quality, robust and flexible IoT systems for challenging and harsh environments.

Our modular systems can efficiently monitor and control both small and simple plants as well as large and complex plants. Sophisticated and easy-to-install complete boxes, matching sensors and our online platform enable you to facilitate the operation of your plants and reduce costs. Our solutions are suitable for operators, NGOs, installers or manufacturers.

All-in-one remote monitoring and control solutions

For the hardware, we have developed an intelligent box system. Four different boxes allow efficient monitoring and control from small plants to complex and large projects. All boxes are GSM-enabled, plug-and-play and work even in off-grid areas or with a weak network.

With the EcoPhi Cloud platform, you can keep an eye on your plants at any time, even complex or a large number of plants. The platform is browser-based, so you don’t need to install any programs to use it. A large number of inverter manufacturers or external databases such as weather data can be connected via API. This way you have all important information about your projects centrally available.

Depending on your individual requirements, we provide a variety of additional services, e.g. alarms and notifications, reports, performance analyses or the provision of technicians.

Application areas

As experts in the fields of solar energy, water supply and agriculture, we have tailored our remote monitoring and control solutions specifically to these fields of application. This enables us to think our way into your projects, both technically and in terms of content. This allows us to ideally combine our expertise and our modern IoT technologies to find the right solution for you.

How remote monitoring and control can help

A solid remote monitoring system can help in many ways to make your systems more efficient and sustainable, and save on operational and management costs. Whether you are a plant operator, NGO, distributor or manufacturer, professionally monitored systems create significant added value for you.

In addition to fault detection and problem analysis when technical problems occur and performance analysis, monitoring systems bring many other benefits:

  • Predictive maintenance reduces travel times and saves O&M costs
  • Reduced management time through customized reporting and additional software features that can be linked to existing programs
  • Increased plant performance through identification of weak points, bottlenecks and potential savings
  • Enabling business models such as solar-as-a-service / energy-as-a-service
  • Systems are better understood, enabling better planning for the future
  • Impact of pilot projects can be better analyzed, facilitating scaling up
  • Provides input and insights for trainings

Where we are

Dark green: completed and active projects. Light green: planned projects

With our monitoring and control solutions, we enable the efficient and sustainable operation of many systems worldwide. Our focus so far has been East Africa, where we have a good network of customers and partners in many countries. However, our solutions can be deployed worldwide. Have a look at our references to see in which projects we are active.

Customers, partners and cooperations