The complete
monitoring solution
for renewables

The complete
monitoring solution
for renewables

Cloud platform and hardware for solar,
water and agricultural systems

We bring all your systems together

We specialize in all-in-one monitoring and control solutions for solar, water and agriculture. Therefore, we have developed high-quality, robust and flexible IoT systems for challenging and harsh environments. Our modular systems can efficiently monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex plants. Sophisticated and easy-to-install boxes, matching sensors and our online platform enable you to facilitate the operation of your plants and reduce costs. Our solutions are suitable for operators, NGOs, installers and manufacturers.

Easy monitoring and asset management




Remote Control

API Integrations

With the EcoPhi Cloud platform, you can keep an eye on your plants at any time, even if they are complex or you want to monitor and control multiple projects at once. The platform is browser-based, so you don’t need to install any programs to use it and you can access the data from your smartphone, tablet or computer. A large number of inverter manufacturers and external databases such as weather data can be connected via API. This way you have all important information about your projects visible in one place.

Depending on your individual requirements, we provide a variety of additional services, e.g. alarms and notifications, reports, performance analyses or a matching of technicians for maintenance and repair.

Plug-and-monitor for all kinds of devices

In order to monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex plants smoothly, we have developed an intelligent box system. Three different boxes with different functions allow efficient monitoring from small plants to complex and large projects. All boxes are robust, easy to install and can be quickly configured on site using our software. This means that you can install and activate the boxes easily even with little technical knowledge. Once installed and set up, the boxes send directly to our cloud platform. You can add your own sensors or get them directly from EcoPhi.

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