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Optimize On-Site Energy Control and Simplify Asset Management of your Renewable Energy Systems

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Discover complete control and efficiency with our advanced Monitoring and Control Solutions. Learn how our set innovative features can help you use your energy smarter and achieve your sustainability goals.

Management features


Our monitoring and control system features customizable alerts for immediate and sustained alerting, multiple notification options, and precise threshold settings, ensuring efficient and proactive energy management.


Our reporting tool provides a comprehensive, customizable solution for monitoring energy systems, enabling the creation of detailed reports in various formats like PDF or Excel to display key metrics and share with partners.

Asset Management

Our service offers advanced user management and flexible organizational structuring tailored to company needs, along with efficient site sharing and robust search capabilities for effective asset management.


With our whitelabeling feature, you can offer the EcoPhi platform under your own brand design, with personalized domain, customized emails, and reports styled to your corporate identity.

Data Export

Export data in high resolution directly from our platform, seamlessly integrating it into your existing systems for efficient processing and diverse application.


With EcoPhi’s well-documented API you can flexibly use the data collected on the platform to enable efficient cross-platform data exchange.

Mobile App

Our platform provides comprehensive browser-based dashboards and a mobile app for real-time, easy access to site data, ideal for sharing the site data with end-customers.

External data integration

Integrate external data seamlessly via API to the EcoPhi platform, enriching your system's data pool for more comprehensive monitoring and advanced analytics capabilities.

Control features

Threshold Controls

Utilize our threshold control features to automate and optimize operations across diverse systems, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness to environmental changes.

Peak Shaving

Peak shaving techniques, such as deploying stored energy or controlling demand, help reduce energy costs by minimizing the charges associated with peak consumption periods.

Feed-in limitation

Our Feed-in Limitation feature allows you to set specific output caps for each system, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimal integration into the power grid.

Dynamic price optimization

Leverage dynamic price optimization to adjust your energy systems’ operations based on real-time market prices, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs in volatile markets.

Fuel Saver

The Fuel Saver feature optimizes generator efficiency, significantly reducing fuel consumption and operating costs while contributing to a more sustainable environmental footprint.

Analysis features

Solar Yield Analysis

Our PV Production Analysis utilizes the data of an irradiance sensor to compare actual and potential energy outputs, swiftly identifying issues to enhance system efficiency.

Energy Forecasts

Our Energy Forecasts provide tailored predictions based on system size and location, using advanced algorithms to enhance accuracy and operational efficiency.

Planned Energy Production

Plan and compare your energy production on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for identifying performance discrepancies and optimizing operations with detailed analytics.

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