Enhance energy monitoring with EcoPhi

In times of increasing energy prices, optimizing energy consumption is highly important. Real-time energy monitoring has never been easier with our all-in-one solutions. With our special energy monitoring equipment and online data management, you can analyze and optimize your energy consumption.

A solution to optimize your energy consumption

With the EcoPhi solutions for remote energy monitoring, you have a great all-in-one tool which you can use for short and long-term energy monitoring. The various features enable you to analyze your energy consumption and reduce your energy bill.

  • Turnkey solution

    Our solutions include both hardware and software. The hardware is easy to install and the cloud platform provides you with everything you need to track and analyze your energy.

  • Short and long-term monitoring

    The energy monitoring solutions can be used for short-term and long-term monitoring. So they can serve as a tool for energy audits as well as stationary energy tracking.

  • Identify savings potential

    Used as a short-term tool, you can identify loads and patterns to reduce your energy consumption. Installed as a continuous system, you can constantly track your energy consumption and react quickly in case of increased energy.

  • Sizing of solar systems

    The energy monitoring solutions can help you to properly size and optimize solar systems by giving you a detailed load profile and insights into consumption patterns.

  • Real-time online visualization

    The setup of the systems is easy and you can directly see and analyze the data online. Additional tools like data exports, alerts and reports allow you to flexibly make use of the platform.

Platform features

The data from the boxes is sent to the EcoPhi platform immediately after connecting them. The data can be accessed directly on the dashboard and is graphically visualized for direct analysis and evaluation. This gives you an immediate overview of the load profile and allows you to analyze and optimize the data. The data can be exported in csv format or via API.

Get in touch with us for more information on the platform features.

  • Real-time energy monitoring from anywhere

    A clear and comprehensive overview of the energy consumption. As soon as the monitoring boxes are connected, you can see and analyze the energy data directly on the EcoPhi Cloud platform. This allows you to access the information at any time from different end devices.

  • Various data exports

    For further analysis, information exchange, documentation or integration into existing software solutions, EcoPhi offers a variety of data export options.

  • Energy reports

    Regular, ad-hoc and individual reports as email or PDF are also possible. This way, you receive the most important information summarized and see deviations at an early stage.

  • Individual alerts

    You can be alerted when critical values are exceeded or when increased consumption has been recorded over a longer period of time. This allows you to react quickly to increased power consumption. The alarms can be configured individually.

PDF, csv, Excel Reports
Customizable visualization
For different stakeholders
System and fleet reports
Integration with other platforms
Additional functions and data such as satellite, weather and more
Performance checks
Direct connection to the EcoPhi platform
Overview of all your audits
Long data storage for historical data
Automated control
Manual controls
Control inverters and relays
Enabling Paygo and leasing models

Energy monitoring of single loads

  • Flexible measurement range

    The Power Tracker Individual can be used for monitoring 1-phase or 3-phase systems. It works with current transformers, which enables high flexibility.

  • Easy to install without interference

    The Power Tracker Individual can easily be set up. By using split core current transformers, a direct interference into the running system can be avoided during set up.

  • Direct cloud platform connection

    With an included SIM card, the Power Tracker Individual will directly connect to the cloud and send the energy data 24/7. Alternatively, it can be connected via Wifi and LAN.

Distributed energy monitoring

  • Monitor up to 20 different loads

    Our solutions for distributed monitoring are ideal for larger areas and several consumers. The solutions consist of a central main unit and several data measurement units.

  • Wireless on-premise communication

    The Hubs communicate with the distributed data measurement units via wireless LoRa transmission. This way, they can cover a wide area without having to connect them via cables.

  • Flexible measurement ranges within the same network

    The distributed data measurement units are available in two versions: One uses current transformers, the other is integrated directly into the circuit via a 3-phase connector (CEE plug). This enables different measuring ranges within one network.

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Power Tracker Individual

For single loads and central monitoring
Integrated energy meter and communicator
For 3-phase or 1-phase load
100A to 5000A per phase
SIM card included, cloud transfer via SIM, Wifi or LAN
Local data storage
Additional current transformers needed

Power Tracker N10

For monitoring distributed loads and wide areas
Integrated energy meter, communicator and LoRa receiver
For up to 10 distributed measurement points
Wireless on-site communication via LoRa
SIM card included, cloud transfer via SIM, Wifi or LAN
Local data storage
Additional data measurement units (with CT or plug) required

Power Tracker M20

For monitoring medium voltage, distributed loads and wide areas
Integrated medium voltage energy meter, communicator and LoRa receiver
For up to 20 distributed measurement points
Wireless on-site communication via LoRa
SIM card included, cloud transfer via SIM, Wifi or LAN
Local data storage
Additional data measurement units (with CT or plug) required