Our solutions at a glance

Our solutions at a glance

We offer complete and holistic IoT solutions – from hardware and software to advanced services and training.


EcoPhi Boxes

In order to monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex plants smoothly, we have developed an intelligent box system. Four different boxes with different functions allow efficient monitoring from small plants to complex and large projects. All boxes are robust and easy to install. We have also put together a suitable selection of sensors that can be connected to the boxes.

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EcoPhi Platform

Our online platform allows you to keep an eye on your systems at any time, even if they are complex or distributed far away. A wide range of platform services are available to you – from alarms and notifications to individual reports and performance analyses.

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Consulting and training

Consulting and training

In many countries, we have a very good network and can provide local technicians for upcoming maintenance and emergency repairs. In addition, we also offer consulting and on-site training, especially in the areas of monitoring, solar energy, water supply and agriculture.