The all-in-one remote monitoring and control solution

The cloud platform that scales with your business

From data collection to asset management platform. EcoPhi offers everything you need to remotely monitor and control all your solar and water assets on one single platform. With robust and easy-to-install Monitoring Boxes and a Cloud Platform that grows with your business.

cloud platform scales your business

Your benefits

Reduce Management Cost

Flexibility and new opportunities

Reduce O&M  Cost

Longer uptime, efficiency and lifetime

From small to utility sized projects - from simple to complex systems

With our boxes we will get your system data online in a few minutes. Easy, fast and robust.

The EcoPhi boxes in detail


✔️ Monitors all inverters up to 50 kW

✔️ Basic monitoring with the essential system data and one additional sensor

✔️ Low data resolution requirements

✔️ Good overview of the solar system

✔️ Plug-and-play


✔️ Monitors all inverters up to 500 kW

✔️ Advanced monitoring with the essential system data and up to three additional sensors

✔️ Remote control and simple logics and functions

✔️ Easy-to-install


✔️ Monitors all inverters with no limit in size

✔️ Monitors different inverters in one system

✔️ Control devices on site, include multiple gadgets and a variety of additional sensors

✔️ Easy-to-install

In order to monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex plants smoothly, we have developed an intelligent box system. Three different boxes with different functions allow efficient monitoring from small plants to complex and large projects. All boxes are robust, easy to install and can be quickly configured. Once installed and set up, the boxes send directly to our cloud platform. You can add your own sensors or get them directly from EcoPhi.

Bring your systems online in 3 minutes

The EcoPhi boxes are easy to install. So you can get your plants online in no time.

bring your systems online step1

1. Select the right box for your system

bring your systems online step2

2. Add optional sensors

bring your systems online step3

3. Plug inverter and sensors to the box

EcoPhi platform services

+ PDF, csv, Excel Reports

+ Customizable visualization

+ For different stakeholders

+ System and fleet reports

+ Integration with other platforms

+ Additional functions and data such as satellite, weather and more

+ Performance checks

+ Financials

+ Bottlenecks


+ Customizable dashboards

+ Overview of your systems

+ Different dashboards for different stakeholders

+ Management overview

+ Define own alarms

+ Several alarm types and calculations

+ Email notification

+ Different recipients

+ Alarm and fault logs

+ Automated control

+ Manual controls

+ Control inverters and relays

+ Enabling Paygo and leasing models

On our EcoPhi platform, you can view your systems online at any time. Our dashboards provide an ideal overview for simple and especially for complex or distributed plants. This will prove to be especially convenient when using different devices and inverters. Moreover, the EcoPhi platform will allow you to integrate external data, e.g. from portals of inverter manufacturers or weather databases. On top of this, we offer a variety of platform services such as alarms, reports and analyses that you can use individually.