Explore the EcoPhi platform

Cloud platform and equipment to monitor, control and manage your portfolio of renewable energy systems. With the EcoPhi solutions, you can optimize your systems and your workflow at the same time.

Monitoring and Control Boxes

  • Different sizes

    Currently three different box types enable you to monitor and control both small and large systems.

  • High compatibility

    The boxes can be connected directly to a wide range of inverters, batteries, gensets and other devices. In case you have specific devices, we can set up individual protocols to integrate them too

  • Easy installation and setup

    The EcoPhi boxes are easy to install and can be configured and set up via the online platform or locally.

  • Additional sensors

    You can add own sensors or chose from a wide range of sensors of the EcoPhi portfolio. The EcoPhi boxes work with most of the digital, analog or serial sensors and meters.

  • Smart data transfer

    The boxes are robust both in material and data transmission. They work with Wifi, LAN and mobile data also in case of weak connectivity. This makes them a perfect use for both on- and offgrid applications.

  • Smart on-site control

    It is possible to set up on-site control functionalities depending on the system requirements.

  • Fuel saving

    EcoPhi provides fuel saving algorithms that will allow you to reduce fuel in case you have a genset-backed solar system.

  • Feed-in regulation

    As feed-ins to the national grid is regulated in some countries, the EcoPhi boxes will regulate the inverters so that the systems fulfill these requirements.

  • Load priorization

    Specific electrical loads can be prioritized and controlled to save energy, for example in case of critical and non-critical consumers.

  • Individual functions

    We offer a wide range of functions and can develop individual features. Some of our current special functions include NFC access control, security monitoring or controls based on forecasts.

Project and country specific functions

In order to monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex plants smoothly, we have developed an intelligent box system. Three different boxes with different functions allow efficient monitoring from small plants to complex and large projects. All boxes are robust, easy to install and can be quickly configured on site using our software. This means that you can install and activate the boxes easily even with little technical knowledge. Once installed and set up, the boxes send directly to our cloud platform. You can add your own sensors or get them directly from EcoPhi.

  • Data integration via API

    You can bring your existing data from other monitoring platforms or databases together via API. Ideal for already existing systems with an existing monitoring.

  • No additional hardware

    For the API integration you don't need any additional EcoPhi hardware.

  • High compatibility

    We can directly integrate data from a wide range of manufacturers of inverters, gensets or battery systems. We regularly add new integrations.

  • Centralize your data

    By bringing together data from different sources, you can combine them in one central platform and customize the dashboard and features depending on your specific requirements.

API and external data integration

Existing data can be connected to the EcoPhi Cloud via API connections. This allows for example data from inverter platforms to be integrated in addition to the data from the EcoPhi monitoring boxes.


  • Asset management

    With the dashboard, you can overview many systems centrally. It doesn't matter where the data comes from or what system type it is. Filters and status panels make it easy to quickly handle even large portfolios.

  • Individual dashboards

    You can chose from standard templates based on your system components and also define individual dashboards and visualizations.

  • Remote control

    You can remotely control your systems right from the dashboard. With this you can change parameters for the on-site control, control relays or directly access the devices such as inverters, batteries or gensets.

  • Access management

    You can define different access layers for specific user groups such as management, O&M or customer.



The EcoPhi platform provides fleet and asset management overviews as well as detailed single system visualizations
The overview is provided in the form of images, lists, or maps. By clicking on a specific system in the overview, you get to the dashboard with the detailed system data. For every system, a separate dashboard with detailed information is provided. EcoPhi offers standard visualization templates, but the dashboard can also be adjusted according to the customer requirements So depending on the stakeholders of the projects, different information can be focused on.

  • Own branding and custom style

    The EcoPhi cloud platform can be customized to your company branding. This includes for example colors, logos, icons or links.

  • Own subdomain

    You will receive an own subdomain and separate login, so that the customers only see your branding.

  • Fast deployment

    Your own branded platform will be deployed within short time. We will inform you whenever we need information from you and set up everything accordingly.

  • Up-to-date features

    With your whitelabeled platform, you will always have access to the latest features and EcoPhi integrations and don't have to care about updates or maintenance of the platform.


Customers can configure their individual reports Those will be sent out in specified intervals, for example each week, month, or year For any report, multiple email recipients can be defined Not only the content but also the look of the report can be adjusted, for example to match the branding of the customer.

Sometimes you only need a few values in regular intervals It is possible to get your KPIs every day (or in any other
interval) delivered to the email inboxes of your choice.


  • Customizable and branded

    You can select between pre-defined or individual reports. You can brand the report and send it to your customers with your logo and company colors.

  • PDF and email report

    You can create your reports as a PDF files or also send relevant information directly via mail.

  • Many visualizations

    A lot of different visualizations are available such as lines, bar charts, tables or heatmaps. With this, you can get all relevant information in the report.

  • Ad-hoc and scheduled

    If you quickly want to get and send out a report, you can directly create an ad-hoc report. If you regularly want to receive information, you can define specific intervals.

  • Automated billing

    Regular reports can be customized based on your individual contracts with the end-user. With this, you can automatize the billing based on the actual consumption or usage data.


EcoPhi offers two different alarm types, a simple threshold and a threshold over a period of time. Recipients are being informed via email when an alarm is triggered. Multiple email recipients can be configured for each alarm. SMS messages and event triggers can be configured to be sent directly from the EcoPhi Boxes to pre-defined phone numbers.

  • Pre-defined and individual

    Depending on your system type, you can use standard alarms or define individual alarms.

  • Alarm Log

    With the integrated alarm logs, you can ideally analyse your systems and simplify troubleshooting.

  • Different channels

    You can select between different notification channels such as email, SMS or Slack. Ask us for your specific preferences.

  • User-specific

    Alarms can be defined on organization, device and user level. This way you make sure that the right people are informed.

Data export and API

EcoPhi provides an API through which data can be queried and is returned in JSON format This allows data to be used from other platforms and in your own processes. Depending on the chosen service package, a different query interval is possible. Documentation for the API will be provided on request

Incoming data from the EcoPhi Box can be actively pushed to customer defined endpoints.

Customers can download their data for own needs as a csv or Excel file. The resolution of data will be the same as on the dashboard.

  • API

    If you already have an existing environment or want to share the data, EcoPhi provides a well-documented API for that.

  • Single metrics and bulk download

    From the dashboard, you can download data from single metrics or download complete system data within a specific time-range.

  • csv or Excel format

    The data can be downloaded as a csv or Excel file from the system dashboards.

  • Data push to endpoint

    Instead of pulling the data via API or csv export, it's also possible to push the data to an existing endpoint from the EcoPhi platform.

And much more

We offer many individual functions and project or type specific developments both for the cloud platform and the hardware. If you have not found what you are looking for on this page but would be interested to hear more about how we can help you with your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Data analyses

    Standardized and specific analyses and calculations can be made which will help to analyze and compare the systems.

  • Carbon trading

    Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you with your carbon-offsetting project.

  • Ask us for your specific requirements

    In case you didn't find what you were looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We also offer individual developments and continuously increase the standard features.