Easily run your systems with threshold controls

Implementing threshold controls within energy systems, such as those for pumping or solar-powered cooling, is critical for maintaining optimal operational efficiency. These controls allow systems to react automatically to specified conditions, such as turning on an air conditioner when it gets too hot or activating lights upon opening a door. This automation not only ensures systems operate only when necessary, reducing energy waste and extending equipment life, but also enhances the overall reliability and effectiveness of the facility. By integrating such controls, businesses can significantly reduce manual interventions, lower operational costs, and improve system responsiveness.

What it includes

Customizable threshold controls

Set specific operational thresholds for each system using our monitoring and control boxes, optimizing performance for various applications.

Change settings remotely

The thresholds can be set and adjusted remotely via the cloud platform. The result will directly be visible on the dashboard.

Additional alerts

If needed, alerts can additionally be triggered once a threshold is reached.

Control of relays

Once a threshold is reached, our monitoring and control hardware can control several relays on-site.

Control of Modbus devices

Devices that can be controlled through a serial communication, can also be integrated to react to threshold conditions.

Immediate response to conditions

React promptly to environmental changes, like temperature or door status, ensuring system integrity and operational efficiency.

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