Professional-grade reporting for your systems

Having a robust and adaptable reporting tool is crucial for energy management. It not only simplifies the monitoring of energy production and efficiency but also enhances decision-making capabilities by providing clear, actionable insights into system performance and potential issues. The ability to customize reports and export them in various formats like PDF or Excel allows for effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders. This ensures that everyone involved can swiftly address and optimize operational strategies, leading to improved system reliability and cost savings.

What it includes

Ad-hoc and scheduled reports

Sometimes you directly and quickly need a specific report and sometimes you want to regularly receive a report. Ad-hoc reports can directly be created from the dashboard and scheduled reports can be triggered by day, week, month or in a custom time range.

Site and cross-site

Whether analyzing data from a single facility or an entire fleet, the tool allows you to create individual reports tailored to your specific needs.

Many visualizations

Our tool helps you to clearly display important metrics. With a wide range of options like KPIs, bar charts, graphs, tables, heat maps or text, you visualize everything you want you show.

Report formats

Reports can easily be created as PDF or Excel files and shared with relevant partners.

Different channels

You can share the reports across different notification channels and across different recipients.


The reporting tool allows you to customize the report to your own company branding. You can include your own logo, colors, pictures and descriptions.

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