Smooth out power peaks and save more with strategic energy use

Peak shaving is a strategic approach to managing energy costs, particularly for businesses with high energy consumption. By reducing peak demand, which is the basis for many billing structures, companies can significantly lower their energy expenses. Techniques like utilizing stored energy or moderating the use of controllable loads during peak periods help stabilize demand and prevent spikes that lead to high charges. This not only results in direct cost savings but also enhances energy efficiency and system reliability. Implementing peak shaving measures supports more predictable energy expenditures and contributes to a more sustainable energy management strategy.

What it includes

Peak shaving with battery

When a battery is included in the system, the stored energy can be used to lower the grid consumption during peak times. EcoPhi will automatically take care of the battery control.

Peak shaving with load management

When you have controllable and high-consumption loads, you can integrate them into the EcoPhi Energy Management System. They can then be controlled to reduce energy demand during peak times.

Set the peaks individually

From the platform, you can individually set your specific peak target based on historical or recent consumption data. The targets can be changed at all times.


You can include alerts that will inform you once a peak has been reached.

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