Control your grid feed-in with precision

Feed-in limitation is essential for energy producers facing regulatory constraints on how much power they can supply to the grid. This feature allows for precise control over the amount of energy fed into the grid, helping to avoid penalties for exceeding limits and ensuring grid stability. By setting individual limits for each system, producers can optimize their operations, maintain profitability, and enhance efficiency. Moreover, it facilitates a balanced and responsible approach to energy distribution, crucial for preventing grid overloads and promoting sustainable energy use.

What it includes

Individual feed-In limits

Set specific feed-in limitations for each of your systems, tailored to meet regulatory caps and operational efficiency.

Change limits remotely

The specific feed-in limitations can change during the system lifetime. The adjustments can quickly and easily be made remotely via the control panel of your dashboard.

Compliance with regulations

Ensure your energy production systems adhere to legal requirements by controlling output levels to avoid penalties.

For complex systems

The more components a system includes, the more complicated a feed-in limitation will be. Our solutions work even with complex systems that combine different inverter types and additional components.

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