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Optimize On-Site Energy Control and Simplify Asset Management of your Renewable Energy Systems

Seamlessly connect external data sources

The ability to integrate external data through API into the EcoPhi Cloud is essential for creating a holistic view of your energy management systems. By pulling in data from various sources, such as inverter platforms, alongside internal data, you can achieve a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of your energy systems’ performance. This integration facilitates better predictive maintenance, optimized performance, and strategic planning based on complete data analysis. Additionally, the flexibility of API integration allows for tailored solutions that meet specific operational requirements, enhancing efficiency and enabling smarter, data-driven decisions that drive operational excellence and sustainability.

What it includes

Unified data management

Access and manage all your data, both from EcoPhi systems and external platforms, in one centralized location..

Standardized API integrations

We already have a number of inverters integrated via API. Connecting your systems via API is a quick and cost-effective way to get and manage your systems on our central platform.

Custom API integrations

If your required API is not yet part of our standard portfolio, we will seamlessly make a one-time integration so that it can be used for similar systems.

Enhanced data insights

Leverage combined data sets to gain deeper insights into your energy systems’ performance and efficiency.

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