Data exports to streamline your workflow

Offering the ability to export data in its original resolution directly from our platform is crucial for maintaining data integrity and ensuring accuracy in subsequent analyses. This feature allows users to integrate data into their existing systems, whether for detailed analytics, reporting, or operational improvements. It supports a variety of business applications, making it a versatile tool in the toolbox of any data-driven organization. By simplifying the data export process and ensuring compatibility with other programs, we empower users to enhance their workflows, make informed decisions quickly, and leverage data to its fullest potential.

What it includes

High-resolution data export

Download data in the same resolution as viewed on our platform, ensuring you receive the highest quality information for analysis.

Excel or csv export

You can export the data as a csv or Excel file. Both will help to to further process the data easily. Location and separator settings will make sure you have the right format without the need of post-processing.

Custom data or full set

You can export the full data sets of your sites or select single components for quicker insights into your systems.

Flexible time ranges

There is no time limit for data export. Whatever data you have on the platform, you can export. Just select the time range via the dashboard and download the data.

Get in touch with us to explore our Data-Export feature and more

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