Detect issues early with our alert system

Alerts for energy systems are a critical feature. They provide instant notifications, allowing you to address issues immediately before they lead to costly damages. Our alert feature ensure that your operations remain efficient, safe, and sustainable, preventing unnecessary downtime and promoting proactive management of your energy resources.

What it includes

Alert types

Simple threshold: Activates when a data point exceeds a predefined limit.

Periodic threshold: Activates when a threshold is repeatedly exceeded over a designated timeframe.

Notification channels

Email: Send alarms to multiple recipients, ensuring that all relevant team members are promptly informed of any issues.

SMS: Offers the option for text message alerts, providing a direct and efficient way to receive critical updates wherever you are

Add own channels

We can integrate your specific notification channels like communication tools or ticketing systems. This way you can directly combine the alerts with your existing communication infrastructure to reduce time and increase efficiency in handling issues.


Naming alarms: Customize alarm names for quick recognition in notifications, making it easier to track and manage specific issues as they arise.

Alarm logs

All alerts are tracked, so that they can be analyzed later. This can help with troubleshooting or to identify long-term issues with your sites or single components.

Threshold settings

Utilize operators such as greater than, less than, equal to, and not equal to for precise threshold configurations. This allows for customized control over alarm triggers, enabling you to tailor the system to meet specific operational requirements.

Get in touch with us to explore our alert feature and more

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