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Our solutions for monitoring, controlling and managing renewable energy systems are very flexible and already improving different systems all over the world.

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kenya - monitoring c&i solar plant

Kenya - Monitoring of a C&I solar plant

EcoPhi monitors a 429 kWp solar plant near the capital Nairobi. In Kenya, it is not allowed to feed power back into the grid, so our monitoring and control system also regulates the inverters. In addition to direct communication with the inverters, other values such as module temperature and irradiation are acquired via external sensors.

ghana minigrid monitoring training center

Ghana - Minigrid: Monitoring of a training center

Don Bosco Ghana operates a training center in Ashaiman to provide training for solar technicians. The center is powered by several solar systems from different inverter manufacturers.

For this purpose, EcoPhi takes over the monitoring of the systems and supports with the intelligent control of the systems. In addition, the analyses, visualizations and reporting can be used to support the training courses.


Liberia – Whitfield Farm: Monitoring of a solar plant

The “Whitfield Farm” is a farm at the coast of Liberia. More than 1000 coconut palms grow on 6.5ha. The electricity and water supply is ensured by a solar plant with battery system and connected deep well pump.

In order to protect this existential supply in the long run, a remote monitoring system from EcoPhi was installed here.


kenya monitoring various small pumping systems

Kenya - Monitoring of various small pumping systems in southern Kenya

In southern Kenya near the border to Tanzania, EcoPhi is monitoring three solar-powered pumping systems. These are Grundfos pumps powered by an RSI inverter.

The EcoPhi boxes can communicate directly with the pump inverters, so the monitoring systems were easy to install.

tanzania-words-education monitoring water supply kindergarten

Tanzania - Words Education: Monitoring the water supply of a kindergarten

The kindergarten in Mafinga was built to provide care and education for local children aged 2 – 5 who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend kindergarten due to high education costs.

Through the remote monitoring system installed on site, EcoPhi has a continuous overview of the kindergarten’s water well and advises the organization on issues related to water supply, drilling, and solar energy.

ethiopia clara monitoring drinking water treatment plant

Ethiopia - Clara: Monitoring of a drinking water treatment plant

In cooperation with Hawassa Town Water and Sewerage, a CLARA water purification system was installed in Alamura, a rural community in the Sidama region. The CLARA system now serves approximately 10,400 people and partially disinfects the water using equipment from WATA TECHNOLOGY. Through the EcoPhi Remote Monitoring System, the functionality of the system can be checked 24/7.


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Germany - Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences & EcoPhi: R&D Plant - Smart Irrigation

To always be technically up to date and be able to offer the best possible quality in the future just like today, EcoPhi cooperates with the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe in many projects. The Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences also provides support with specific know-how on the topics of water supply, sensor technology or water treatment.

Karlsruhe is home to a test facility that can be used to pilot new technologies or check components in long-term tests. This is a fully functional small-scale pumping system that incorporates all the components of large-scale pumping systems in rural regions. The pumped water is used to supply a drip irrigation system, which irrigates a garden automatically and intelligently. The system can be flexibly adjusted to map different irrigation profiles.