Enhance your energy audits with EcoPhi

Real-time energy audits have never been easier with the all-in-one solutions. With our special energy auditing equipment and online data management, you can analyze and optimize your energy consumption. The Audit Box solutions can be used for short-time measurements or continuous energy monitoring.

The complete monitoring solution for renewables

The easiest way to create accurate load profiles from remote

easiest way to create accurate load profiles from remote

With the EcoPhi Audit Box, you can perform real-time energy audits easily and professionally. The data is sent to the EcoPhi platform immediately after connecting the Audit Box. The data can be accessed directly on the dashboard and is graphically visualized for direct analysis and evaluation. This gives you an immediate overview of the load profile and allows you, for example, to individually determine the length of the audits if required. Thanks to the integrated clamps in various sizes (300 A – 5000 A per phase), there is no need to intervene in the running system. This means that the EcoPhi Audit Box can also be installed by non-experts.

For your own system sizing calculations, the data can be exported in csv format or via API. If required, EcoPhi can also perform independent data-based sizing of systems.

+ PDF, csv, Excel Reports

+ Customizable visualization

+ For different stakeholders

+ System and fleet reports

+ Integration with other platforms

+ Additional functions and data such as satellite, weather and more

+ Performance checks

+ Financials

+ Bottlenecks



+ Direct connection to the EcoPhi platform

+ Overview of all your audits

+ Long data storage for historical data

+ Automated control

+ Manual controls

+ Control inverters and relays

+ Enabling Paygo and leasing models

Real-time energy audit in just a few minutes

The EcoPhi Audit Box is super easy to install, so you can concentrate on your audit and data analyses instead of complicated installations.
real-time energy audit step1
real-time energy audit step2
real-time energy audit step3

1. Connect the
current clamps
to the Audit Box

2. Insert SIM
or connect

3. Ready to go

Project and country specific functions

Easy-to-install tool

✔️ Plug-and-play installation, from start to the first online data in only 10 minutes

✔️ No need to interfere in the running system

Accurate and reliable analyses

✔️Real-time load profiles

✔️ Directly see and analyze the load profile online


✔️ Works with WiFi and SIM (also with week connection) and stores the data locally on the device

✔️ From 300 A to 5000 A per phase

Get the best out of your energy audit

✔️ csv, xml data export

✔️ Optional system size planning by EcoPhi

Monitoring boxes made in Germany

With the Audit Box, you have a simple and cost-efficient tool that will enhance the quality of all your energy audits.


Audit Box

  • Integrated energy meter
  • Current clamps in different sizes
  • Wifi and GSM antenna
  • Connectors and adapters for installation
  • SIM card already included (for many countries worldwide)
  • Platform access

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