Consulting and Training

Consulting and Training

Sustainability begins before the monitoring starts. Only well-planned systems can ever become sustainable and efficient. Know-how on site and in the team are particularly important pillars. Our solutions thus go far beyond pure hardware and software services. We offer technical consulting services and various training formats. Our consulting services are primarily data-based (e.g. model calculations, designs, feasibility studies). Ask us, either a member of our staff or one of our partners will be glad to assist you. Through our network, we also arrange technicians and local companies for necessary maintenance and repairs.

Audits and project planning
We help you plan projects and conduct audits. Solid data at the beginning of project planning is the cornerstone for sustainable projects. This is where we see our expertise and can help you in the early planning phase.
We are happy to advise you on the topics of remote monitoring, solar plants and water systems. Also, we support you at integrating data and models into your projects. If possible, we assist you in networking with our local contacts.

If you are manufacturer of a product for which you are looking for a suitable monitoring and control solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer individual solutions that can be integrated directly into your products. This allows you to focus on your core competencies and saves time and money for the development of a matching solution.


We offer various trainings on remote monitoring, solar energy and sustainable agriculture. The trainings can be provided either directly by one of our trained instructors or by one of our local partners. Below you will find an overview of our existing formats:

  • Sustainable operation of solar projects to ensure access to clean water, energy, and food (3-days).
  • Integrated Resource Management for sustainable food production and enhancing resilience (5-days)
  • Solar-powered irrigation system planning, operation, and maintenance for sustainable food production and nature development (5-days)
  • Permaculture Design Course for sustainable development of humans and nature (12-days)

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