One monitoring platform for all systems

One monitoring platform for all systems

The EcoPhi boxes automatically send the system data to our EcoPhi platform, where you can view your systems online at any time. Our dashboard provides an ideal overview especially for complex or distributed plants. This will prove to be especially convenient when using different devices and inverters. Moreover, the EcoPhi platform will allow you to integrate external data, e.g. from portals of inverter manufacturers or weather databases. On top of this, we offer a variety of platform services such as alarms, reports and analyses that you can use individually.

EcoPhi platform services

EcoPhi Dashboard

Our online dashboard lets you keep an eye on your assets anytime. The dashboard can be accessed from any browser, so you don’t need to install any programs for it. We focus on clear and understandable visualizations that are tailored perfectly to the respective project stakeholders. If you have multiple systems, you can choose which management overview (e.g. list format, map) fits best for your purposes. Feel free to ask us for a demo access.


With matching and customized reports, you can significantly reduce your organizational overhead. Depending on your needs, you can choose between standardized or individual reports. This allows you to define exactly who should be provided with what information at what moment. Whether plant operator, technician, manager or sponsor, everyone receives exactly the information they need. Reports can be created in PDF or csv format. In addition, you can have key values sent to you regularly by email, WhatsApp or SMS.

Alarms and notifications

You can individually define who is to be alerted when incorrect values are received or when threshold values are exceeded or undercut. Our reliable system takes care of the rest and notifies the right people. Notifications and alarms can be sent by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. If necessary, EcoPhi first performs an error check and only informs when it is really necessary.

Connection of external data

Many inverters and other devices already have their own monitoring portals. In most cases, these can be connected to the EcoPhi platform via their interfaces (API). Additional data from other sources can also be relevant for certain projects and can be connected, e.g. weather data. Ask us if your existing data can also be integrated easily.

Remote Control and Troubleshooting

Depending on which EcoPhi Monitoring Box you use, you can also manually control the systems remotely from the online dashboard if required. Settings of the components (e.g. the inverters) on site can also be changed easily from the dashboard in some cases. This makes remote maintenance possible, for example, by changing and adjusting certain parameters.

And much more...

Individual analyses, bottleneck detections, individual maintenance plans, whitelabeling… With our IT platform and the dedicated EcoPhi-Team, a lot of additional features and possibilities are available.