remote monitoring as an enabler of financing options
At the top you can see a dashboard. Below is a solar panel with the EcoPhi logo.

Remote Monitoring as an enabler of financing options

Remote monitoring is used in solar and drinking water systems to ensure their sustainability. Through easy to install plug-and-play boxes, EcoPhi has found a way to enable permanent system monitoring and efficiency control of such plants. Often the benefits of monitoring on a financial level are underestimated and without a proper monitoring and control system, some projects would not be feasible. In the article below, three ways in which EcoPhi monitoring solutions can contribute to accessing financing are presented.


New business models through technical features

Remote monitoring can help establish new payment models. The use of a monitoring and control system enables models such as pay-as-you go, and the management of these can be purely digital. Through digitization, accurate consumption data can be collected and thus different billing options can be offered. Payment can be simplified through the integration of payment providers. All of this can help provide access to financing for the companies offering flexible payment options themselves and lower the inhibition threshold for end customers. With EcoPhi solutions, all this can be easily implemented.


Access to funding through quality and transparency

Monitoring increases the safety, efficiency and lifetime of the equipment. This becomes very important when applying for funds. If this is already included in the project application, the willingness of the financiers to invest in the projects increases. Demonstrating plant performance and transparency during operation in turn creates trust and opportunities for future financing. Target group oriented reporting is also important, as financing parties are interested in different information than the operators and plant developers, and targeted and automated reporting can significantly increase the prospects. The EcoPhi boxes are particularly suitable for this, as information is provided continuously, which can serve as a security for investors.


Safety through asset protection

Plant safety is also an important consideration when it comes to accessing financing. In many cases, plants do not run properly due to safety-related deficiencies. As investors are often aware of this, it is a barrier for them to invest in projects. The EcoPhi Monitoring System is modular and thus security-relevant components can also be included on site, e.g. the integration of camera monitoring, on-site alarms and additional measures for theft protection.


The EcoPhi Monitoring System

EcoPhi monitoring solutions include both hardware and software and are modular for many applications. Size and complexity of the systems do not matter for EcoPhi’s boxes. The application focus is on solar and water. In addition to monitoring production, the focus is also on the application itself. For example, EcoPhi systems are also used in solar cooling, water treatment or irrigation systems in various countries.