EcoPhi Inverter Box

The most simple plug-and-play universal remote monitoring

A simple and cost-effective way to monitor your solar, water or hybrid system.
The inverter as the central unit of the solar system already provides important data about your plant. With the Inverter Box, you can easily transfer and visualize this data. You can connect one sensor to obtain additional information. This way you can efficiently monitor your solar system remotely. The Inverter Box is quickly installed and is able to read out a wide range of inverters.
Key features
  • Plug-and-play installation, from start to the first online data in only 10 minutes
  • Works with most of the solar and pump inverters, controllers and gensets
  • Real-time system data
  • Directly see and analyze the system data online
  • csv, xml data export
  • Simply add an additional sensor when needed
  • Works with WiFi and SIM (also with week connection) and stores the data locally on the device

Monitoring boxes made in Germany

  • Inverter Box
  • Antenna
  • Connectors and adapters for installation
  • Sensor (optional)
  • SIM card already included (for many countries worldwide)
  • Cloud platform access

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