EcoPhi boxes

EcoPhi boxes

In order to monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex plants smoothly, we have developed an intelligent box system. Four different boxes with different functions allow efficient monitoring from small plants to complex and large projects. All boxes are robust, easy to install and can be quickly configured on site using our software. This means that even non-technical users can install and activate the boxes easily. Once installed and set up, the boxes send directly to our cloud platform.

The boxes - overview

Simple plug-and-play installation

The boxes in detail

Einfachste Anwendungen

Manchmal genügt es, einfach nur einen Wert zuerfassen. Um dies kostengünstig zu machen, bieten wir die Simple Box Small an.

Erfassen von Wechselrichterdaten

Wechselrichter und Controller erfassen als zentrale Bestandteile von Solar- und Wassersystemen bereits eine Vielzahl an Daten. Mit der Inverter Box können diese auch in abgelegenen Regionen übertragen werden.

Einfache Steuerung

Mit der Simple Box können mehrere Geräte und viele Sensoren kombiniert werden. Einfache Steuerungen vor Ort und per Remote sind möglich.

Der Alleskönner

Die Premium-Box ist das absolute Top-Produkt. Intelligente Steuerungen und unzählige Kombinationsmöglichkeiten ermöglichen das Monitoring und Steuern von großen oder sehr komplexen Anlagen. 

Sensors and counters

We have put together a selection of sensors and meters that are compatible with all EcoPhi boxes and are specifically tailored to the solar, water and agricultural sectors. The cables and connectors of the sensors and meters are pre-assembled so that they can be connected to the boxes with reverse polarity protection and plug-and-play. You are not bound to the EcoPhi sensors. If you want to use your own or additional sensors, these can also be connected to the boxes in most cases.

Currently we have about 30 different sensors for different applications and system sizes in our portfolio. Our product catalog provides a comprehensive overview. Examples of sensors and meters for solar, water and agriculture from our portfolio:

  • Current and voltage sensors
  • Level sensors for groundwater monitoring
  • Irradiation sensors
  • water meters
  • soil moisture
  • and much more

For intelligent audits: The audit box

For intelligent audits: The audit box

Often, solar systems are designed based on simple checklists or estimates. With the EcoPhi Audit Box, you can perform real-time energy audits easily and professionally. The data is sent to the EcoPhi platform immediately after connecting the Audit Box. The data can be accessed directly on the dashboard and is graphically visualized for direct analysis and evaluation. This gives you an immediate overview of the load profile and allows you, for example, to individually determine the length of the audits if required. Thanks to the integrated clamps in various sizes (200 A – 5000 A per phase), there is no need to intervene in the running system. This means that the EcoPhi Audit Box can also be installed by non-experts.

For your own system sizing calculations, the data can be exported in csv format or via API. If required, EcoPhi can also perform independent data-based sizing of systems.