Different requirements - one monitoring partner

We specialize in all-in-one monitoring and control solutions for solar, water and agriculture. Therefore, we have developed high-quality, robust and flexible IoT systems for challenging and harsh environments.

Our modular systems can efficiently monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex plants. Sophisticated and easy-to-install boxes, matching sensors and our online platform enable you to facilitate the operation of your plants and reduce costs. Our solutions are suitable for operators, NGOs, installers and manufacturers.


As an installer, you can keep an eye on your customers' plants and optimize maintenance and plant performance. With a robust and solid monitoring system, you have a quality advantage to your customers.


For plant operators, the EcoPhi monitoring and control system can significantly facilitate operations and management. Faults and problems can be fixed quickly, maximizing system output.


EcoPhi can customize a monitoring system for your applications that can be integrated directly into your products or offered as an additional solution.


Our solutions can be used in aid projects. Flexible monitoring systems can show the impact of the projects and improve sustainability.

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Different systems - one monitoring

Find out how modular and flexible our monitoring systems adapt to your solutions.

Different systems - one monitoring

Monitoring and control systems for solar

Solar systems come in many varieties. Besides small and large systems, simple and complex ones, there are hybrid systems, a vast number of components and many more differences.

EcoPhi provides the suitable monitoring and asset management for any kind of system.


Off-grid systems are often remote and can be difficult to reach. Therefore, it’s highly important to have a reliable and robust monitoring system. The EcoPhi monitoring is independent from inverter type and system size and super easy to install.


For manufacturers of container and turnkey solutions, the EcoPhi monitoring provides overview of all systems, enables to obtain valuable system information and to maintain and control the systems remotely. The EcoPhi monitoring system can be adjusted to the very specific requirements of the solutions.


Commercial solar systems for self-consumption aim on reducing energy costs. Therefore, it’s very important that the systems are always performing as planned. Besides monitoring the performance, EcoPhi can also handle functions like load prioritization or zero feed-in.


With the EcoPhi Audit Box you can create live load profiles. Just place the Audit Box and you can directly see the parameters online. It comes with different clamp sizes, so you are flexible no matter which consumer you want to analyze.


Minigrids can be very simple or highly complex, as many components interact on both the input and the consumption side. The EcoPhi monitoring system is extremely flexible by being able to integrate all kinds of devices such as inverters, gensets, meters and sensors.

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Monitoring and control systems for water

A major advantage of EcoPhi solutions is that both solar and water systems can be managed, monitored and controlled centrally. Through years of experience in the water sector, we have a tailor-made solution for various water applications.

Electric and solar

Water systems, especially for drinking water applications, are supply-critical systems. Thus, failures and power losses have a major impact. To prevent losses, EcoPhi can reliably monitor both on the input (e.g. solar, generator) and the distribution side (e.g. leaks, water level, etc.).

pumping systems

Small pumping systems such as DC or hand pumps can be effectively monitored even with basic equipment. An EcoPhi box with a simple water meter already shows how the systems are being used or where they are out of work, so that planning and adjustments can be made.


High water quality especially in the drinking water sector is crucial in preventing diseases and long-term consequences. EcoPhi monitoring systems can work with different water quality sensors, so it can be adjusted to the specific needs and requirement.

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Monitoring and control systems for agricultural applications

Especially in rural areas, solar and water is often related to agriculture. This is why our EcoPhi monitoring and control systems are adaptable to specific applications in the agricultural sector. The flexibility to integrate several components and sensors makes it possible to efficiently monitor, control and manage different systems on one platform.


Smart irrigation systems can help to save water and increase yields, offering great economic potential for rural areas. These systems need to be monitored and controlled constantly. EcoPhi solutions are highly flexible and can integrate different components and sensors, so they are ideal for monitoring and controlling irrigation systems in any size.

Cold room

(Solar) cooling solutions are crucial to increase efficiency in agriculture. Post-harvest losses can be massively reduced through storage and cooling. EcoPhi has experience and specific solutions to monitor and control cold room storages remotely.  

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