Electric pumping systems

Water systems, especially for drinking water applications, are supply-critical systems. Thus, failures and power losses have a major impact. To prevent high losses, a monitoring and control system that can reliably monitor not only the input side (e.g. solar, generator) but also the distribution infrastructure (e.g. leaks, water level, etc.) is particularly important.

Small-scale pumping systems

Small pumping systems such as DC or hand pumps can be effectively monitored even with basic equipment. For example, even a single water meter together with the sensor box can show how the systems are being used or where they are out of work, so that planning and adjustments can be made according to demand.

Water quality

Good water quality especially in the drinking water sector is of course crucial in preventing diseases and long-term negative consequences. In case of certain local contaminations or in connection with a water treatment system, a remote monitoring system can continuously record specific values and immediately alert in case of deviations.

Container solutions and all-in-one systems

For manufacturers of turnkey solutions, an external monitoring and control system can be a valuable addition to your product. This provides a good overview of all systems, enables you to obtain valuable plant information and to maintain and control the systems remotely. Developing monitoring and control solutions is complex and requires specialized and experienced personnel, so it is usually advisable to outsource this part to experts so that you can continue to focus on your core competencies.