Off-grid systems

Off-grid systems are often far away and difficult to reach. Remote monitoring and control is therefore particularly important for sustainable plant operation. The plants themselves can be very different, resulting in numerous possible applications. Examples of typical applications are solar plants for telecommunications, healthcare facilities or field offices. Depending on the complexity, a sensor or inverter box can be used.

C&I systems

Large plants for industrial and commercial purposes with the objective of reducing electricity costs through less grid power require stable monitoring. Weaknesses in performance due to failing strings or other factors have an immediate negative economic impact through higher costs. Without monitoring systems, however, such cases are not detected at all or only very late. Special circumstances such as feed-in restrictions or prioritization are taken into account by our monitoring and control solutions.


Minigrids with the goal of reliably offering electricity must be monitored intelligently. Often, this goes beyond standard solutions, as different and complex requirements interact on both the input and the consumption side (e.g. hybrid systems for several end users with different priorities). Remote monitoring and control solutions for minigrids must therefore meet high requirements for flexibility and robustness.

Container solutions and all-in-one systems

For manufacturers of complete turnkey solutions, an external monitoring and control system can be a valuable addition to your product. This provides a good overview of all systems, enables you to obtain valuable plant information and to maintain and control the systems remotely. Developing monitoring and control solutions is complex and requires specialized and experienced personnel, so can be advisable to outsource this part to experts so that you can continue to focus on your core competencies.

Energy Audits

For intelligent audits: The Audit Box

Track generators or your consumers on the grid. You immediately see the data of your load profile on the dashboard and can, for example, individually determine the length of the audits. Based on the data, you can either calculate your energy demand yourself or rely on our analyses and have the system size calculated. Due to the integrated current clamps in different sizes, there is no need to intervene in the system. The Audit Box can also be installed by non-professionals.